Graduation year

Clipboard Health

Head of Customer Operations

You have a night to yourself, with no obligations, what do you do?
Attend a Hollywood Bowl concert

What is a fond memory you have from your time at Ashbrook?
The all-nighter for that first Xenophon paper with a bunch of other Ashbrooks, moving around campus throughout the night, was such fun I won’t forget. Really bonded with the group that night. Schramm finding creative ways to poke fun at me in front of increasingly large crowds over the years was also fun.

Who was your favorite professor at Ashland?
Dr. Schramm

What book would you recommend to your fellow alums?
I recently read the “The Last Battle” by Stephen Harding and it was fascinating history. US and German soldiers defending a medieval castle full of French VIPs against a Nazi SS onslaught. I don’t know how it hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

Ashbrook Alumni

What have you been up to?

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