Graduation year

FusionFlix Entertainment

Junior Vice President of Production

You have a night to yourself, with no obligations, what do you do?
Watch a movie, play ukulele, catch up with a friend, write a poem, play a video game. Some combination of those things and honestly I might try to do them all in one night 😂

What is a fond memory you have from your time at Ashbrook?
Tea Tuesday’s in Mishler. Tuesday’s nights (after student senate) a group would gather in Mishler kitchen and drink tea and talk. Also studying in the ABC… something interesting was always going on. Or Shakespeare reading group in Schramm’s office.

Who was your favorite professor at Ashland?
This is an impossible question. Top 3: Dr. Burkett, Dr. Weaver, Dr. Mackall

What book would you recommend to your fellow alums?

Ashbrook Alumni

What have you been up to?

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