Ballotpedia Job Postings

I wanted to make you aware of some internship, fellowship, volunteer, and job opportunities at Ballotpedia. Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics, and the nation’s premier resource for unbiased information on elections, politics and policy.
All of their positions are remote, so they are flexible with whatever else you might be doing. A number of Ashbrook alums have worked or do work for them. If you are starting to think about something to do in the summer or want to keep something in your back pocket for the future, check them out. It seems like they always have some opportunities available.
The best way for you to get plugged in is by participating in one of their internshipfellowship, or volunteer opportunities. Interns get paid for their work at Ballotpedia and the work is remote so it would be a good opportunity for those who want to stay close to home during summer but still want to get some experience. 

Job opportunities pop up on this page as well. They go through the most growth around election time, as you can imagine. However, they never lay anyone off after elections. Their elections team is constantly improving processes and updating pages on off-years.

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