AEI Civic Renewal Fellowship

AEI is pleased to announce its launch of the  Civic Renewal Fellowship. The AEI Civic Renewal Fellowship will bring together 20–30 participants who, over the course of one year, will gather virtually and in-person to learn more about the principles of civil discourse and strong institutions, and how to help rebuild our nation’s institutions from the local level on up. Participation in the fellowship includes two in-person and two virtual gatherings happening over the course of one year, where participants will hear directly from AEI scholars.  In addition to learning with AEI scholars, participants will have the opportunity to learn from successful practitioners in the business, philanthropic and direct service space who are currently working to strengthen their local communities. Participants will also meet regularly for small group discussions, networking, and mentoring provided by business, philanthropic and community leaders. Participants will also be expected to take what they have learned from the theoretical to the practical and deliver a project in their community that fosters civil discourse and strengthens a local institution.

The deadline to apply is December 16, 2022.

Apply here.

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